System Rental

Rent or Lease a System or Device



DEWETRON systems may be rented by the month.  Rental systems and devices are calibrated and maintained by the company.

Contact us for our Rental Terms and pricing.

Dewetron Flagship Products

Month to Month Rental

Rent a standard system chassis (four slot max.) with your required number and type of channels. Rental is monthly for up to 12 months.

4 slot power analyzer


Lease a system chassis configured to your specifications for a minimum 6 month up to 24 month period.

Lease to Buy Options are available.

Contact us for lease terms and purchase options.

We are here for your Rental Needs – Contact Us

Give us a call for pricing and rental terms.

401-398-7966 or 1-866-598-3933


Customer Care Coordinator

Rachael Audette

Office +1 401-398-7966



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