Repair Services

Repair Services

DEWETRON will repair systems within the defined product life cycle.



Repair by professional and highly trained DEWETRON technicians

Full system check

Fast turnaround time



Extension of the standard repair service contract that further reduces lead time.

In addition, the cost of express delivery is assumed by DEWETRON.

Excludes future on-site service.



Reduced downtime

No delivery costs

14 day turnaround, including shipping



For a nominal fee, DEWETRON will loan you a comparable system or component while your system or component is being repaired,


The DEWETRON, USA service and repair lab may be reached by email or phone.



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Customer Care Manager

Joe has been with DEWETRON for over eleven years. In that time he has built and serviced DEWETRON systems, calibrated countless systems and devices as well as managed our Quality Assurance team.  Having worked in every technical capacity within DEWETRON, USA, Joe is able to apply his vast technical knowledge to the Customer Care Center as the USA  CCC Manager.


Senior Customer Care Support Specialist

Greg has been with DEWETRON for 15 years and holds a degree in Electrical Engineering.  As a Service & Application Engineer, Greg works directly with customers to answer questions related to hardware, software and application, conducts training both remotely and on-site, repairs damaged systems and is the go to person for customers requiring engineering modifications for custom applications.

Corey Clark

Customer Care Support Specialist

Corey joined DEWETRON 4 years ago following a tour of duty in Iraq with the United States Army.  He holds both an Associates and Bachelor’s Degree in Electronics Engineering Technology.  As an Application Engineer, Corey conducts training both remotely and on-site, answers general support for hardware, software and application questions, repairs systems and is the go to person for all questions and comments related to our OXYGEN™ and OXYGEN™ Power software.

Rachael Audette

Customer Care Coordinator

Rachael joins DEWETRON with a decade of customer service expertise. Originally from Pennsylvania, she met her husband while working in the Northeast and decided to settle here to raise her family.  Rachael is a proud Mom and a Nutritionist by degree.

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