OXYGEN 2.6 Release

12/22/2017 | General, Products

OXYGEN 2.6  – What’s New?


As all of you know our systems are the perfect choice for long-time-recording applications. But even with our DejaView™ a unique look-back-function with small, individual data-files of a certain length instead of one huge data file are necessary.









Please notice that when the MULTI-FILE function is active, a folder will be created and all data files will be stored into this folder.






At the moment, in OXYGEN, it would be only possible to open one file at a time.



Our TRION-hardware has always been quipped with special high-technology counters.

This new release of OXYGEN now supports counters in 3 different counter modes: Event Counting, Frequency Mode and Encoder Mode.

Of course the available modes depends on the installed hardware.

Here is an overview of which counter mode/sensors is supported at which module.






Event Counting as well as Frequency mode are standard and need no further explanation but the Encoder Mode is something which is brand new.

We are supporting X1, X2, X4 and A-up / B-down modes. Details can be found in the OXYGEN manual which is available at in our download centre.









Many new functions are now available in our MATH-engine.

Here is an overview about the newest functions:










In the calculation setup windows (when pressing the calculator button) there is a new FILTER button.

When pressing this button you would have the possibility to choose between “Low pass”, “High pass”, “Differentiator” or “Integrator”.







We support Butterworth and Bessel filters up to the 10th order.

In the operation menu you can even choose between single or double differentiation/integration.






For more detailed information please have a look at the OXYGEN manual which is available at our download centre.

As usual, if there are any questions please do not hesitate to contact us!