OXYGEN 2.6 Release

22/12/2017 | General, Products

OXYGEN 2.6  – What’s New?


DEWETRON and APEX Turbine Announce Collaboration

25/05/2017 | Press Release, Products

DEWETRON, Inc and APEX Turbine Testing Technologies, Inc. are pleased to announce a joint collaboration to deliver integrated dynamic data acquisition systems (DDAS) featuring a variety of DEWETRON signal conditioning and digitizer products. and the DS software application from APEX Turbine.  The agreement allows both companies to offer fully integrated solutions worldwide. “DEWETRON products add […]

Mixed Signal Power Analyzer

Mixed Signal Power Analyzer – There’s Nothing Like it Anywhere Else

11/05/2017 | Products

PRECISION MIXED SIGNAL POWER ANALYZER FOR POLYPHASE MEASUREMENTS The DEWE2-PA7 Mixed Signal Power Analyzer is your turnkey solution for analyzing polyphase electric vehicles and engines behaviour with only ONE instrument. It guarantees a basic accuracy of 0.01 %.   DEWE2-PA7 KEY FACTS Multi power, up to 12 power phases Poly phase, 1-7 phases per power […]

Data Acquisition and Signal Conditioning

Data Acquisition and Signal Conditioning Group

03/04/2017 | General, Products

We are hosting a LinkedIn Group – DATA ACQUISITION and SIGNAL CONDITIONING Your DATA ACQUISITION and SIGNAL CONDITIONING Experience is Valuable – JOIN US for robust, thoughtful and objective discussions. This group seeks to accurately compare and contrast PC based data acquisition hardware, signal conditioning and data acquisition software.  In addition, educational videos, whitepapers and tutorials are welcome. Group […]


The POWER ANALYZER that redefines Power Analysis

06/03/2017 | Products

A DEWETRON system is a MIXED SIGNAL POWER ANALYZER for distributed Power Analysis and a reliable, gapless data acquisition system for any other analog or digital signal!   Inspired by customer needs, we have developed innovative, easy-to-use software and high performance power analyzer hardware that is easily customized to customers’ evolving requirements, saving time and money.

Are high-speed trains really safe?

08/02/2017 | Products

  DEWETRON’s TRIONet provides Distributed Measurement Tests on one of the fastest Trains on the world   One of our customers is using TRIONet for real time distributed measurement drive testing of Trains. The challenge is to analyse different signals at several measurement locations/points distributed throughout the Train, with up to 90m of distance between […]

TRIONet Fiber Optic Network Adapter

27/12/2016 | Products

Convert TRIONet Ethernet systems to FIBER OPTIC for distributed measurement applications with radio frequency noise and electromagnetic radiation.  The fiber box allows the end-user to convert their Ethernet network run to fiber optics.