Klaus Quint, CEO DEWETRON GmbH

Mr. Klaus Quint, brings twenty-­five years sales, marketing and business development experience in the International Test and Measurement Technology market and leadership that is marked by kinetic enthusiasm and bold strategic planning.

Mr. Quint holds an MBA in International Business and Marketing from Wayne State University and a BS in Electrical Engineering from Hochschule Trier in Germany.  Prior to accepting the Office of CEO, Mr. Quint was the General Manager of DEWETRON Deutschland and most recently the COO of DEWETRON, Inc in the United States.  Early in his career, Mr. Quint provided Sales and Marketing expertise to the North AMerican operations of MOEHWALD and ETAS.

Klaus manages DEWETRON from his adopted country, the United States, where he and his family make their home.

Steve DiPalma

Operations Manager

Steve has been with DEWETRON for 6 years and in that time built his product knowledge as a Service Engineer, Production Engineer and Production Supervisor.  Before joining DEWETRON, Steve served 5 years as a military police officer in the United States Air Force and 4 years working in customer service and operations management as civilian. Steve is proud to be called husband and father.

Joseph Parenteau

Customer Care Manager

Joseph has been with DEWETRON for eleven years. In that time he has built and serviced DEWETRON products, calibrated countless systems and devices as well as managed our Quality Assurance team.  Having worked in every technical capacity within DEWETRON, USA, Joe is able to apply his vast technical knowledge to the Customer Care Center as the USA  CCC Manager.

Jennifer Vazquez

Marketing Manager

Jen has been with DEWETRON for 3 years and holds a BS and MBA in Marketing. Prior to joining the company, Jen served as an Officer and Marketing Director for a local credit union and after becoming a wife and mom, spent 7 years as a Special Education substitute teacher.  Her heart is on the farm and when not at her desk she can be found milking cows, haying fields and pulling the ever present weeds from the gardens.

Dennis Kilene

Sr. Calibration Engineer

Dennis began his calibration career with the US Navy and has been meticulously calibrating precision measurement systems for over 30 years. DEWETRON has benefited from his expertise for 9 years.  Dennis is proud to be called husband and father.

Corey Clark

Service & Application Support Specialist

Corey joined DEWETRON 4 years ago following a tour of duty in Iraq with the United States Army.  He holds both an Associates and Bachelor’s Degree in Electronics Engineering Technology.  As a Service & Application Engineer, Corey conducts training both remotely and on-site, answers general support for hardware, software and application questions, repairs systems and is the go to person for all questions and comments related to our OXYGEN™ and OXYGEN™ Power software.


Service & Application Support Specialist

Greg joined Dewetron in 2002 as a service and support technician with background knowledge of electronics assembly and testing which he gained from previous roles at American Power Conversion. He later applied his education in mechanical design to become the designer of the US product line including the first of Dewetron’s battery powered systems. His current roles at Dewetron as support manager consist primarily of customer application and technical sales support, project management, logistics, and service related functions. Outside of Dewetron Greg is happy outdoors or making strange noises with analog synthesizers.

Julie Marsh


Julie has been with DEWETRON since January 2017 and brings 30 years experience in the finance field to the company. In addition to paying the bills and keeping the bank account balanced, Julie is responsible for payroll, commissions and has the never ending task of retrieving receipts from all corners of the company.  Julie is a proud mom and grandmother.

Elinor Donohoe

Order Processing Specialist

Elinor has been with DEWETRON for 8 years and during that time has processed countless orders, confirmed delivery dates and prepared customer invoices.  Prior to joining the company, Elinor worked as an inside Account Executive in her home state of New York.  Out of the office Elinor can be found on the beach with her dog and traveling.

Rachael Audette

Customer Care Coordinator

Rachael joins DEWETRON with a decade of customer service expertise. Originally from Pennsylvania, she met her husband while working in the Northeast and decided to settle here to raise her family.  Rachael is a proud Mom and a Nutritionist by degree.


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